Well Person Care

Wow! That was it?!

- Sarah Q., 34 years old, right after her pap. (Sarah skipped paps for 10 years after an "very very painful experience."

Midwifery care is focused on more than the body. Respectful well person care is understanding the unique needs of our clients and tailoring our care to meet your needs.  We started See Midwives because we hear too many stories of women (lesbian, bi and straight) and transgender or gender fluid people not getting good, evidence-based, kind, respectful care.

All Cervixes need paps and all chests need breast/chest exams. 

If you have not been treated kindly, sensitively, or with respect, SEE MIDWIVES.  SEE COMMUNITY MIDWIVES for your well-body care.  Our well-body care is inclusive, respectful, knowledgeable, and incredible, including mind and body wellness.

Community Midwives (Midwives who are independent of a clinic or hospital system) take time to meet with clients, and cover a variety of services in a thorough  appointment.

Community Midwives are trained to take a full medical history, complete a head-to-toe body wellness examination, discuss hormonal and body health and options available to clients, and be a consistent resource for additional female-reproductive-system questions and concerns. "Well-Person Care" is one service midwives provide for their clients, and includes:

Pap Tests (used to be called pap smears)
STI & STD  Screening
Breast/Chest Exams
Lab Work (hormonal, iron, other blood work as needed)
Reproductive care assessment

     including birth control options and IUI (intrauterine insemination)

If you have a uterus, we have you covered!

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