We have a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful.  It’s that women are strong.

- Laura Stavoe Harm

“Once a Cesarean, always a Cesarean.” Not true! In these modern times, the fact that you’ve had a Cesarean with your previous births is not necessarily a harbinger of all births to come.  As midwives, we trust your body to do what it’s designed to do when it comes to birth. Midwives, in most cases, are able to support a trial of labor and birth outside the hospital if you’ve had a Cesarean in the past. We are very careful when it comes to evaluation of your scar tissue, incision repair and surgical history.  After spending some time talking with you and listening to your story, we are able to determine whether or not a trial of labor would likely be safe.


Many women feel as though they could have had a vaginal delivery with their first (or second or third) pregnancy if only they’d been given a chance, if they’d been listened to, if they’d been imbued with confidence or been more educated and had more patient providers. We are here to empower you.  You may not have any idea of what your body is capable of, but with the right support, education, encouragement, respect and patience, you can have the birth experience that you desire.


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A quick statistic for Community Midwife- Attended VBAC:

** High rate of completed vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC; 87.0%)  -     MANA 2009


About the safety of VBAC:

In 2019, ACOG (the obstetricians union) reaffirmed their 2010 recommendations about VBAC candidacy word-for-word: “The preponderance of evidence suggests that most women with one previous cesarean delivery with a low-transverse incision are candidates for and should be counseled about and offered TOLAC.” (Trial of labor after cesarean)

Also in 2019 ACOG reaffirmed their 2010 stance on VBA2C when they say it is “reasonable to consider women with two previous low-transverse cesarean deliveries to be candidates for TOLAC and to counsel them based on the combination of other factors that affect their probability of achieving a successful VBAC.” - VBAC Facts

Online Resource: International Cesarean Awareness Network

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