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Get Your Gentle Pap

"Wait, that was it?!" - Sarah, after her first pap in 10 years

Paps need to be done every 3 years for most females. If you're If you've had a positive pap or are HIV positive, the recommendations change. If you're over 30, and you're tested for HPV with your pap, you could go 5 years between paps. This is because the cervical changes that cause cancer happen slowly and only in the presence of HPV (Human papiloma virus). The reason we started doing paps every 3 years (it used to be 1 year) is because... 85% of the time, the cervix will clear the HPV and heal itself. To encourage this, see our post on vaginal steaming. Paps can be done gently, and with respect.

85% of the time, the cervix will clear the HPV and heal itself.

We've been hearing so many stories of those of us who've had traumatic paps, or had to tell ANOTHER unfamiliar doctor about their sexual life, or remind them about their same-sex partner, or feel a lack of respect for their gender identity. We at See Midwives feel it is imperative to make sure every female knows WE CAN OFFER WELL-PERSON CARE that is gentle, inclusive, respectful, and sensitive to your unique needs, history and body. If you, like 33% of all females, have a history of sexual violence, please know that we will be sensitive to your need to go slowly, to be in control, and to give your permission for each step in the pap/ physical exam process. Do Your Own PapYou can:Request your provider let you insert the speculum. You know best the right angle and timing.Remind your provider (if they are not a Community Midwife) that they should talk you through their touch, and that you want them to be gentle in their exam and insertion of the speculum.Ask to see your cervix - many providers will have a mirror availableIf they see anything concerning, ask to see it. Before agreeing to invasive cervical biopsy, seek more information about cervical health and healing.#ididitmyway #seemidwives #bestpapever Make an Appointment

Over 40 Community Midwives in San Diego County provide this gentle incredibly informative care.
Most of us have never had a care provider who took so much time, was so knowledgeable, and who made us feel so cared for.

Women's Business Each Community Midwife Clinic is independently owned and operated by a midwife or midwives. This means no board of doctors is telling us what to do; no insurance company is telling us to shorten our appointment with you; we spend our lives empowering, believing in, healing, and supporting women. We attend regular education to learn the latest advancements in women's sexual health. We adhere to the Midwife Model of Care and govern ourselves, making us responsible first and foremost to you.


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