Low Tech, High Value

Shea didn’t just show up for my births–She wasn’t just there to “deliver a baby.” When Shea enters the room, tranquility and love fill it in a way that I can’t even put into words. Shea brings so much more than a midwife; she brings a trusted and loving friend.

- Mindy R.,


Midwifery is one of the oldest jobs on the planet.  We’ve had to assist each other birthing babies since the dawn of time often without the assistance of advanced technology.  But what does that mean? It means that midwives have kept the most effective ways of helping at births in their hands. We are skilled at using the latest technology, but our most effective treatment plans often come from simply looking at you, feeling your belly, or most importantly, listening to you.

Were you aware that, unlike appointments with most care providers, midwifery appointments take a bit longer than others? Well, it’s with good reason.  We spend the majority of our appointment time with you talking with you and listening to you. Yes, we listen to your baby and measure your belly, but we spend the majority of our time  listening to you about other things going on in your life that may affect your pregnancy. Has your partner just lost their job? Have you recently moved to the area? Did you just get a dog?  Are your other children out of school for the summer? All these variables can affect how you experience your pregnancy. Additional stressors and changes in your life may manifest themselves in pregnancy symptoms like  insomnia, irritability and fatigue.

Midwives like to touch your baby; we feel them in utero. We develop a lasting relationship with you, your baby and the whole of your family during the course of your pregnancy by learning about you, learning from you and listening to you.  

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