A joyful experience transcends the limits of ordinary experience.

- Michel Odent

Throughout the world, mothering and childbearing have been depicted in art - paintings, statues, figurines, songs and stories - as Special.  The Mother and Child are literally at the center of our world. We could not go on as humans without this very special yet very common relationship.  Like eating or having sex, Nature (or God) has created within this special relationship a hidden secret to keep us alive. This secret is Joy. We eat because food is delicious. When we choose to have sex, it is  sex because sex is pleasurable. Our brains and our bodies get a sense of pleasure, or peace or both- and we feel tremedous joy.

In the U.S. right now, there is a belief (mostly because of the way birth has been shown in movies and on TV) that birth is painful and dangerous.  Joy is rarely how we tell that story. But in the stories our home and birth center moms tell, in our community, we often hear about the triumph and joy of the birth for the birthing person, their partner, and their attendants.

Birth is wondrous, mysterious and JOYFUL.  The love hormone in the brain, called oxytocin, is the highest it will ever be in a woman’s life after a natural birth.  Her endorphins are also at all-time highs. The baby’s brain is BATHED in these chemicals too, providing an exceptional once-in-a-lifetime  connection with joy and wonder.

Over and over, in yelp reviews and in storytelling, women report JOY in their relationships with their MIDWIVES.  This joy facilitates trust, and is fed by trust. It encourages self- reliance, and interdependence. Women helping women know their options and trust their abilities to make the best choices for themselves and their bodies (and their children) creates bonds of joy and satisfaction for midwives and mothers which translate into a woman's other relationships: her children, her partner, family and community.  The Midwife Model of Care is about serving women. Not, as in the Medical Model, telling women what to do but rather believing in women and supporting their innate abilities to choose for themselves.

We formed SeeMidwives because we want all communities to benefit from joyful care.  We know that when we are connected to others, and are cared for; when we have purpose, are recognized for our contribution, and we know someone has our back, we can find peace and even joy.  This joy is a missing element in our world today causing depression and anxiety for so many people. By contrast, JOY brings power - strength, happiness, sureness of self - back to our communities.  

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