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-DeRay Mckesson

What is See Midwives?

See Midwives is a non-profit organization aimed to inform the San Diego area about respectful reproductive care options and the availability of this care through midwives.

What is reproductive counseling?

Reproductive counseling is tailored to meet a client where they are, currently. This can include meeting with your midwife to discuss what can help sustain a healthy pregnancy, options on different modalities to become pregnant, what foods and beverages you can consume in the months before conception in order to sustain a healthy pregnancy, what specific nutritional needs are important to follow before and during pregnancy, what activity is safe and helpful during pregnancy, the up-to-date research on what nutrients are important, how much of each to consume, and why.

Why is See Midwives Important?

Not enough people know what midwives are, what they do, and the services they provide. Through See Midwives, we aim to educate and give people options for their care and their care providers.

Where can I find See Midwives in social media?

See Midwives is active on Twitter at @SeeMidwives, on instagram as @SeeMidwives, on Facebook as See Midwives, and on our website at seemidwives.com

What do midwives do?

Midwives provide a wide range of services to their clientele, including education, well body/well person exams, pap tests, reproductive counselling, pregnancy care, labor care, and postpartum care. Midwives can also hold multiple disciplines, including homeopathy, herbalism, yoga, body balancing, massage therapy, craniosacral therapy, nutrition, and many more.

I have a uterus but I don’t identify as a woman. Can I still be seen by midwives?

Yes! People with and without a uterus can benefit from midwifery care. See Midwives serve clientele of all gender identities, and stay current with the needs of the Transgender and nonbinary community.

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