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Believe in Yourselves?

See Midwives.


A Better Next Birth

Believe in Yourselves? Start Here.

A Better Next Birth: Unlocking the Potential for an Extraordinary Experience Birthing Your Next Baby

This audio-only, private podcast is a comprehensive and proven system that equips birth givers and their partners to have a better birth experience the second time around. Developed by a midwife with over 16 years of experience in supporting couples during childbirth, the course provides step-by-step guidance and support for both life giver and their partner to help participants manifest their most powerful expression of birth, embody their courage, self-trust, and safety, and become the Champions of their birthing experience.


The course is designed for individuals who have already birthed, who believe they might be able to birth unmedicated, and who are open to having a super great birth experience. By the end of the course, students will have the skills and confidence to recognize their Trailblazing power, love their birth experience, get thrilled by their partner's support, make informed baby-making decisions, take charge of their delivery room, and share their inspiring birth story with others.


Free Podcast

Little Family, this is for YOU. Having your NEXT birth and not sure how it will go? This podcast shares Baby #1 birth stories and how these families got something they were much happier with for baby #2. You will hear triumph and relief, the HOWs and the WHYs. You will hear from moms and dads like you who were looking for something better AND GOT IT!

Audio Course

All - Ears, You will manifest your most powerful expression of your birth. You will transform "I'm pretty sure I can..." into "I DID THAT!" You will feel aligned with your body, your baby, and your partner and express this for optimum support for an extraordinary birth of (not your first) baby.


The World's First
Birth Prep Course for

"Second Time Parents Who Had a Hard First Birth."


Where You’ve Been

Trauma from past birth weighing on you

  • Not sure where you went wrong

  • Wanting it to be so much better

  • Not sure if it CAN be better

  • Not sure HOW to make it better

  • No time to write it all down, no way to process it

  • Experience not lovingly held or validated by your community or our society

Where We're Going

Empowerment through

Reflection: - Tools for reflecting on your previous birth experience and processing what happened and how you felt. Tap into your inner strength and wisdom to find new power and confidence going into your next birth.
Preparation and Excitement:
Be well-prepared and excited for your next birth experience, with practical tools so you can get an awesome next birth stor


Confidence and Leadership:
You'll feel incredible confidence as a birth giver, knowing that you have the knowledge, skills, and support to make informed decisions and advocate for yourself and your baby. You'll also have an enhanced sense of yourself as a leader in your community, inspiring others with your story and experience.

A Better Postpartum Experience: with a better birth comes a less exhausted postpartum experience, and enhanced bonding with your baby


" I am as bad as the worst,
but, thank God, I am as good as the best. "

Walt Whitman


Where Your Partner’s Been

  • Your Partner is suffering preparing for this birth

  • Your Partner fears this birth

  • Your Partner feels helpless in supporting you

  • Your Partner feels unsure about whether a better birth is possible

  • Your Partner wants all the drugs, bells and whistles because last time was “so bad.”

Where We’re Going

Your Partner Will Have Reason to Hope:

The course will provide practical techniques to help decrease fear and increase hope for Partner/ Dad.

Improves Mood and Boosts Confidence: Removing some of the charge from your First Birth, your partner will be more able to be gentle with themselves and you around your coming birth.

Increases "I Can Do This" Attitude: The course will help Partners feel more capable and empowered in their ability to support you. This will help them overcome any challenges or obstacles that may arise during the birthing experience


Empowering Birth Experience: The course will provide Partners with the knowledge, skills, and support they need to achieve an empowering birth, where they feel in control, informed, and supported. This will help them approach the birthing experience with a greater sense of empowerment and agency.

Improves Confidence as a Father/Partner: Partners will gain more confidence in their ability to support the birthing person during labor and delivery. They'll also feel more confident in their role as a father and partner, with a greater sense of connection and investment in their family.

Improves Confidence as Protector and Provider: Partners will have an improved sense of self as a protector and provider for you. After your birth, they'll feel more connected to their community and more capable of leaving a positive impact on the world around them, starting with their own family.


"Your body is not a lemon"

Ina May Gaskin, Midwife


Where You’ve Been...

  • When should my midwife come? When should I go to the birth center or hospital?

  • I’m Lost: What if they...?

  • My Dr said I should get induced - should I?

  • I wanted to move around but they made me stay in the bed!

  • I don’t want to tear again!! That was really painful! I definitely don’t want to be CUT!

Where We’re Going

  • Clear Strong inner compass and self navigating

  • Clear messaging

  • Safety in self/ves as Informed and ready Mother/ Birth Giver & Partner/ Parents

  • Feeling steady and ready

  • Calm certain confidence about carefully decided options - Realizing the truth of yourselves as the decision makers


Frequently Asked Questions

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